FREE Add-On Packs

You have even MORE ways to change up your Minecraft Bedrock game play! There are so many FREE and paid add-ons to download and use in your worlds on the Minecraft Marketplace. You can use as many or as few Minecraft add-ons that you would like. Just be aware that add-ons are adding elements to the game and could cause lag or crashing.

Add-ons are a GREAT way to expand your game!

Add-ons change the way things look or behave in your Minecraft Bedrock worlds. An add-on could be a custom block, recipe, mob, build, new color, and so much more!

Check out the video below for a step-by-step visual guide on how to find and use add-ons in your Minecraft worlds. You can also visit the Minecraft Marketplace in the game to see more that is available. NOTICE: You will need to have access to Minecraft Bedrock edition and an account created on it to play.

It is always good practice to make a backup of any world you have played in previously before adding anything new to it. Minecraft Marketplace add-ons are safe to use in your Minecraft Bedrock worlds and realms. Which means you can play solo games and with friends! Add-ons run on any platform that has access to Minecraft Bedrock so they work from PC users to Console users.

Check out this video for more details on finding, download and installing add-ons to your world. We also give an over view of many FREE add-on packs that are currently available for you to use.

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