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The kids wanted to start a YouTube channel. They saw the cool channels out there and wanted one. Being the homeschool mom that I am, I saw this as a learning opportunity for them! So we launched! They have each learned how to record videos, edit, set up live streams, how to operate cameras or other recording devices, social media marketing, and more.

Where we Started

In the beginning I was working from a Intel i5 laptop. Integrated graphics card and all! I did extensive research to find free software for live streaming and editing. Each piece of our equipment that has been updated to handle our expanding channel has come with a learning curve.

Little bit of History

I have been playing video games since I first was introduced to a computer. I remember afternoons and weekends playing games with my dad and my brother. My kids have been playing video games from their start with technology as well. I am so thankful to have this outlet and connection with my kids. I try and bring in education to every aspect of playing video games. You all might not see it in the videos, but my kids have seen it and learned each step of the way.

Adventure Began

The channel was setup in February 2017 but we didn’t really start publishing videos until that summer. The friendships and fun adventures we have had along the way have been amazing!






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